This is what our clients are saying about us:

Stanley C.

"Mike is the most honest and unselfish person I have ever encountered in any type of sales. I've never ever seen a sales person give up a paycheck and walk away from a deal in the best interest of a client. Mike did just that, and still helped me behind the scenes. This guy really means it when he says the best interests of his clients comes first. "

Larry B.

"One of the most dedicated staff members to work in our department at UH. Mike was knowledgeable about everything required to lead a project team to build complex NASA space models from scratch. He holds himself accountable to a higher standard than others, and took over a leadership role by setting the examples and standards among his peers."

Mohammad A.

"One of the most honest and brilliant reps to work for our company and help us grow."

Sean C.

"Mike is one of the smartest business partners I've ever worked with. He really believes in everything he sells and does, and refuses to market anything he doesn't have faith in. He stood behind everything he did. He never accepts failure or second best from himself or his team."

Michael R.

"The expert negotiator. He knows how to work the deals and win with humility. Definitely one of the hardest negotiators I've ever worked against, and an asset to any company or team he joins"

Terry B.

"This guy is a great and humble competitor. He is his own biggest critic, always pushing himself. He never settled for anything less than the best and always made personal challenges. He's a relentless competitor and a real team player. He always set high standards for everyone around him, then made himself accountable for even higher standards than everyone else. He carries his team and never asks for recognition or the spotlight."

Kevin H.

"Sticks to his values and core beliefs to do whats right, no matter what the situation or temptation. This guy has the strongest will and determination I've ever witnessed. His mantra serves him well, failure is not an option"

Carlos H.

"Mike is always so great at what he does and always looks for something new. I've worked for a few of his businesses and he always rewards those around him. He never forgets his employees and treats us like family. He does demand alot, but makes us all better people."

Melody B.

"One of the most creative business owners around. He is a wealth of concepts and brings new energy to every business he is involved in"

Lanh T.

"Very helpful and loyal, always putting others first. I've never felt so protected and secure. Truely commits personally to others and makes everyone feel like his first and only priority."