Mike Wong’s investor experience in the real estate market has naturally led him to become a licensed Realtor in 2007. After working with other realtors and brokers in the past, he realized he required a higher level of more personalized service. He naturally provides that exceptional level of service to his clients that he often had to demand from others. Mike's appeal is his ability to communicate, understand, and relate to peoples' needs. Mike isn’t going to revolutionize the industry. He believes in making the process an enjoyable educating experience for his clients, rather than a stressful process. 


Mike believes in exceptional service first, not a high pressure sales pitch. He begins by working with you to determine your needs, your goals, your expectations, and your dreams first. Mike puts the client first, let him do what's right for you. He makes a commitment in everything he does professionally and personally. The foundation of his success and core beliefs begin with trust and honesty.  

After working with Mike Wong you will discover there is a distinctive difference in agents and how they serve their clients. He treats every transaction as if it were his very own. He has chosen to join Keller Williams because of these common beliefs, strong values, and goals. Together with an innovative company and a great family of team members around him allows Mike to bring every resource available from his office to you.


When you choose to be represented by Mike Wong, you are making a decision to receive the highest level of service and professionalism in the industry. Michael utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your needs. Everyone requires a unique plan and strategy in our current market condition. He brings a broad open perspective with a keen attention to detail to help you successfully complete your real estate transactions. Mike listens to your needs, and develops solutions specifically for you to meet your desired goals.


Mike has a Bachelor of Architecture and Construction Management degree from the University of Houston. Mike strongly believes in continuing education and is seeking more specialized certifications to provide additional services to his clients. He grew up working in a small family grocery store, and understands the value of everyone's money. He has a history of earning the respect of his customers, peers, and community because of his outstanding service and belief in building relationships. His background in architectural design and construction management allows him to analyze properties and projects from a business perspective. He is familiar with planning, design, remodeling, current building technology, city building codes, and may provide insight to prevent potential problems before they happen. Mike Wong believes in creating an efficient and comfortable process for his valuable clients.


He has personal experience as an investor in the real estate market and stock market. Investing in the stock market every since he was 12 years old, he understands it is necessary to look beyond the headline hype and into the fundamental conditions that drive the markets.  He has applied his knowledge into the real estate market looking for opportunities for his clients, and himself no matter what market conditions currently exist. Mike has personal experience in commercial, residential, leasing, and management. As a real estate investor Mike has experience researching properties, negotiating and purchasing, hands on repair and remodeling, and finally marketing them for a profit.


Mike has past experience networking with fellow realtors, brokers, investors, developers, management companies, business owners, architects, builders, contractors, lenders, and attorneys. He can help you develop the best strategies for any kind or real estate: residential, commercial, investment, and leases. By selecting Mike as your Realtor, you gain the resources of his experience and the network of his highly regarded associates.


Real estate is Mike’s personal business. When you are ready to develop a strategy to buy or sell real estate, be sure you contact Mike for all your needs. You can always expect his most professional and personal attention for your real estate needs.


Personal referrals are an important part of Mike’s business, and it grows with every client he has the privilege to represent. He believes in creating relationships with his clients that continue beyond a closing. Please keep his contact information. If you or a friend have a real estate need… now or on a future day, be sure to call Mike directly at (713) 935-5800 and be assured of his prompt, professional, and personal attention.